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Wellergize Blogger Profiles

A short who's who of the blogging team (in order of # of posts).

Suhujitha Parasuraman, Wellness Coordinator

Photo: Suhujitha Parasuraman

A recent graduate of Centennial College’s Workplace Wellness and Health Promotion post-graduate program, Suhujitha is our newest team member! With a B.A from the University of Toronto, her fields of study include Health Studies and Anthropology, Ms. Parasuraman has an understanding of the most current trends and knowledge in the workplace wellness industry.

A personal passion for leading a healthy and active lifestyle has translated into motivation to help others realize the importance of good health.

Her interests, experiences, and academic background enable Suhujitha to be one of the most active members of the Wellergize blogging crew. Her blog items focus on helpful information on up to date and exciting workplace wellness trends. She provides Wellergize visitors with resources that allow employers and employees to work effectively in a healthy and safe environment.

Suhujitha’s other interests include researching and providing workplace wellness programs that cater to ethnically and culturally diverse groups of people. She has taken the lead on an internal project to survey the current industry initiatives in this area, and to develop wellness programming for non-office environments. As her career progresses she hopes to be able to provide these programs to a diverse society like Toronto.

Need to reach Suhujitha? Dial extension 205.



Gisela McKay, Managing Director

Photo: Gisela McKay

Gisela McKay is Managing Director of Wellergize, a division of pixcode, where she is President and "Chief Mastemind". Each pixcode property or project has an advocate within the pixcode team (and this person carries the title "Managing Director"), and Gisela's projects are and its workplace wellness brand, Wellergize.

A technologist by profession, Ms. McKay's interest in wellness is largely personal. She advocated for and directed the creation of the property, consulting with practitioners to ensure that they would receive the maximum benefit from the site and to ensure that the public would get timely, research-based information on Complementary health care.

For Wellergize, Gisela has overseen the development of the entire Wellergize suite of tools, including the in-house posters, cartoons, business tools, challenges, and

Gisela can be heard regularly on From A Woman's Perspective, Saturday mornings on AM740.

Need to reach Gisela? Dial extension 290.



Wendy Woods, Principal
Watershed Training Solutions

Photo: Wendy Woods

Wendy Woods is Principal of Watershed Training Solutions (, a dynamic training company she founded in 2003. Her workshops include stress management, productive teamwork and effective communication as well as many other critical workplace skills.

Wendy's enthusiastic and engaging training style energizes and motivates her participants. Her years of hands-on business and adult education experience, complimented by an M.B.A. and Certificate in Adult Education, provide her clients with productive and profitable results.

Prior to starting Watershed Training Solutions, Wendy spent most of her career in mutual fund marketing working for such outstanding organizations as Dynamic Mutual Funds, Richardson Greenshields and RBC Dominion Securities. In 2000, she helped launch, a website for financial advisors, in under 2 months.

Aside from building her own networking group for entrepreneurs, Motivational Café, Wendy delivers networking presentations and workshops to associations, companies and entrepreneurs. Her practical and interactive approach gets rave reviews with attendees staying long after the session ends.

Laughter is the Best Medicine is Wendy's unique flagship workshop which helps clients better engage their workforces thereby increasing productivity and profitability. Recent clients who have benefited from these workshops include: Bombardier, Pfizer, Scotiabank and TD Bank Financial group.

Wendy's expertise has been featured in such media as Canadian Business Online, Breakfast Television, Rogers Daytime, and CTV News.

Call us for more information: In Toronto and Area call 647.470.9087.
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